• Kori Haring

FOR KIDS: (September 12-18) Isaiah 13-35, "Isaiah 25:4-9"

Read Isaiah 25:4-9 together as a family.

What does refuge mean?

Have your child draw a refuge from the sun and storms for the family.

What are the things that the Lord protects us from? Have your children write, or draw a few of those things outside of the house.

What do verses 8-9 mean? How do they make you feel?

What do the promises in those verses and in Isaiah 26:19 mean for you and your family?

How do we qualify for these blessings?

Optional Activity:

Listen to “Personal Peace: The Reward of Righteousness” by Quentin L. Cook from the April 2013 General Conference.

Discuss as a family how we can prepare for times ahead, and what peace we can find through our trials.


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