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FOR KIDS: (November 21-27) Jonah and Micah, "Jonah"

Tell the story of Jonah and the whale and have your child color in the pictures when they hear about that part.

Jonah was called to go preach by God. Why did he run away? How did he feel?

When he was on the boat and there was a bad storm, and he realized that all of the people on the boat were in danger because of him and his disobedience, what did he tell them to do? How did he feel then?

Jonah was inside the fish/whale for 3 days. What do you think that was like? What did he do while inside the fish?

Why did the Lord have a whale swallow him? How do you think he changed from the time he was called to when he was spit out of the whale?

What happened when he preached to the people? What did they do? How did they feel?

Why does the Lord warn us through prophets? Why do you, as a parent, warn, give consequences to, and teach your children?

Optional Activity:

We’ve read all throughout the Old Testament when the Lord warned the people of destruction and the people didn’t listen, and the forewarned consequences took place. In this story the people listened and were saved through Jonah’s preaching. Find other times in the scriptures where the warnings of the Lord caused hearts to change and brought them back to Christ.

How are we sometimes like Jonah? How are sometimes like the people of Nineveh? How are we sometimes like the Children of Israel when they didn’t repent?


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