• Kori Haring

FOR KIDS: (May 9-15) Numbers 11–14; 20–24, "The Brass Serpent"

The Children of Israel struggled to remain faithful and weren’t used to relying on the Lord. They had become used to telling Moses all of their problems, and he would bear a lot of their burdens and talk to the Lord for them.

One of these times the Children of Israel were complaining that they hated the food and they didn’t want to be in the wilderness. The Lord was upset with them and wanted to humble them. He sent venomous serpents among them. The snakes killed many of the Israelites and they repented and asked Moses to pray for them so that the snakes would be removed.

Moses prayed and the Lord didn’t take away the snakes. He wanted the Children of Israel to have to act in faith. He told Moses to make a snake of brass and put it on a staff. He said that if they were bitten all they had to do was look at the staff and they would be healed. Some thought that was too easy and wouldn’t look! Others followed the prophet and looked and were healed.

Talk about the symbolism of looking at the staff and being physically healed and how we can simply turn to the Savior and He will heal us spiritually. Has there ever been a time where it seemed too simple to solve your problems so you delayed reaching out to the Lord?

Many times the prophets have asked the Lord’s people to do things that don't make sense to us, like build an ark on dry ground, or look at a metal snake! Talk as a family about the importance of deciding ahead of time to follow the prophet.

Draw in the pictures of what happened to the Children of Israel.

Optional Activity: Make a Brass Serpent out of paper or clay and a stick. Put it up somewhere this week to remind you of your family’s commitment to follow the prophet and turn to the Lord.


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