• Kori Haring

FOR KIDS: (May 30-June 5) Judges 2–4; 6–8; 13–16, "The Cycle of Judges"

In the Book of Mormon we are shown the Pride Cycle over and over again. The people sin, life gets hard, they turn to the Lord, He blesses them, the people prosper, the people forget the Lord and sin. Likewise there is a cycle with the early Children of Israel. All around them other nations were worshipping idols and other gods, and instead of staying faithful and strong, they forgot what the Lord had done for them and started worshipping other gods and sinning.

The Lord allowed the other nations to stay around the Israelites so that when they were being disobedient the other nations would help to humble the Israelites so they would turn to the Lord again.

The Lord provided judges during this time. They were righteous leaders that served them by delivering them physically from the nations that were ruling over them. They were given signs and miracles. The Lord wanted the Children of Israel to know it was He who delivered them.

How can we apply the stories we are told in Judges? What do we learn about the Lord’s ability to deliver us in times of trial? What do we learn about how forgiving God is? Even when we sin, if we repent, what is He willing to do for us?

Optional Activity: Think of creative ways of having the kids reenact one of the stories of the Judges. For example: Have the kids take flashlights and whistles (or any other loud instrument) and have them flash it while making noise in the dark. See what that must have felt like to the other army. Or simply, have someone be a soldier going to Deborah and have her tell him that the Lord said to defeat the other army. Have him ask her to come with him, and then she says yes and goes with them to war.


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