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FOR KIDS: (May 23-29) Joshua 1-8, 23-24 "Jericho"

Have your child color and cut out the walls of Jericho, the river, the trumpeters, and the Levites carrying the Ark. Set up the walls in a square to form the walls around Jericho and let the children have the characters march around the city. Tell the story about how the Lord gave very specific instructions to the Children of Israel.

He told them to cross the river, and march around Jericho once a day for six days with trumpeters blowing their horns and priests carrying the Ark of the covenant, and then on the seventh day to march around it 7 times. They had to be perfectly quiet until after the final time of marching around then they were to shout. The Israelites were obedient and when they shouted the walls fell flat.

Ask your children if they think they could do the same thing to a wall by marching around it blowing a horn and then yelling. Discussion questions: Why did it work for the Israelites? Why do you think the Lord had the Children of Israel do this? Why didn’t He just knock down the walls with an earthquake? What did they learn?

What can we learn about obeying the Lord from this story? How can we apply this story’s message to when we face something really challenging?

Optional Activity: When Moses was parting the Red Sea it took several days and the Israelites waited until the ground was completely dry before crossing. This time the Lord sent the Ark of the Covenant ahead, and as they stepped into the water the river parted. Cut the river on the dotted line and have the children act out this part. Talk about how sometimes the Lord requires us to move forward before He helps us. Is there a time you can share about when you acted in faith and blessings or miracles followed?


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