• Kori Haring

FOR KIDS: (May 16-22) Deuteronomy 6–8; 15; 18; 29–30; 34, "Stay Close to the Lord"

Have your children color the page as you discuss what the Lord was trying to tell the Israelites.

The Lord was leading the Children of Israel to a blessed land. They had gone from being slaves to the Egyptians, to wandering in the wilderness for many years, and now they were promised blessings of prosperity in a new land. The Lord told the people that he was helping them be humble and turn to Him while they were in the wilderness. (Deuteronomy 8:2-5)

The Lord told them that when they started having success and plenty, they needed to remain faithful, and not forget that it was with the Lord’s help that they were able to be prosperous. He also commanded the Israelites to teach their children so that they wouldn’t forget the Lord.

Sometimes when things are easy, we can forget where our blessings, including our talents, come from. Share a time when you more fully turned to the Lord in hard times.

We can do things daily to help us remember the Lord, just like the Children of Israel were fed daily. Searching the scriptures, pondering their messages, praying individually and as a family, and serving those in need help us to stay close to the Savior.

Optional: Read Deuteronomy 8:2-4 and compare it to some of the trials that have happened in your lives. Have you gone through hard things and gained humility and strength? Have you had less obvious miracles happen like the Israelites' clothes not getting old or worn? What can we learn from these verses?


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Stay Close to the Lord
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