• Kori Haring

FOR KIDS: (March 28 - April 3) Exodus 7-13, "The Plagues"

When Moses told Pharaoh that God said to let the Israelites leave, Pharaoh refused despite Moses showing him the power of God through different miracles or signs.

After Pharaoh refused the Lord sent plagues in order to give him chances to do what was asked. Each time a plague came the Lord protected the people of Israel so that it didn’t hurt them.

Several times Pharaoh agreed to let them go because of the discomfort caused by the plague, but then changed his mind. Finally, the Lord sent a plague that would kill the firstborn in each family, including the Israelites, unless they put lamb’s blood on their doorways. This finally humbled Pharaoh enough to agree to let them go long enough for them to get away.

In the world today there are many trials we face, and hard things that happen in the world. Talk about some of the trials being faced around the world and what blessings and protection we receive as covenant people of the Lord.

Our prophet Russel M. Nelson has talked about this many times and has said, “Truth, covenants, and ordinances enable us to overcome fear and face the future with faith.”

Have the children draw some of the plagues from Moses’ time on the left side of the paper, and then have them draw some of the trials we face today in our world and in your family and what we can do to be protected.

Optional Activity: Read President Nelson’s talk Embrace the Future with Faith from October 2020 and find a quote to put up in your house as a reminder of the peace we can have through our faithfulness.



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The Plagues
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