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FOR KIDS: (March 21-27) Exodus 1-6, "I am a Child of God"

Moses grew up as Egyptian royalty, then became a shepherd. He knew what it was like to have power and privileges, and what it was like to live humbly. After fleeing Egypt and living as a shepherd for 40 years, the Lord visited Moses and told him that he needed to talk to Pharoah and deliver the Israelites, His chosen people. Moses felt inadequate and asked the Lord in Exodus 3:11, “Who am I that I should go unto Pharoah?” In Moses 1:3-4 the Lord tells Moses who he is: “And God spake unto Moses, saying: Behold, I am the Lord God Almighty, and Endless is my name; for I am without beginning of days or end of years; and is not this endless? And, behold, thou art my son

Through scriptures and revelation we know that we are made after God’s image. We have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, etc., just like Him! We are His children! We also have other unseen qualities that have been passed down to us because we are sons and daughters of God.

Have the children make the picture of the child look like them. As a family talk about the characteristics that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have, like: loving, creative, patient, forgiving, wise, kind, etc. and write those words around the picture of your child. Talk about how just like you get certain qualities from your earthly parents, we all have divine potential and qualities from our Heavenly Parents. We are loved no matter what! Nothing we can do can ever add to, or take away from, how much we are worth to our Heavenly Parents!

President Thomas S. Monson taught “God's love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve love. It is simply always there.”

Optional Activity: Have the children make the picture look like them. Label each child’s picture with their name, and take turns writing positive qualities about each child on their paper around the drawing. Make sure that they write something they like about themselves too! Place it somewhere they can see it often.


Child of God
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