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FOR KIDS: (March 14-20) Genesis 42-50, "Joseph Forgives" Word Search and Discussion Guide

After all Joseph went through, being sold as a slave and being imprisoned due to his brothers’ decision to throw him into the pit, he had the ability to punish his brethren, but instead forgave them, recognizing the hand of the Lord in his experiences.

The Lord forgives us, and we are commanded to forgive one another. Forgiveness allows us to heal and to let go of negative thoughts and feelings that may be affecting our lives. While we can still maintain proper boundaries from those who may have hurt us, we can forgive them and allow for more peace in our own lives and ability to draw closer to the Savior.

Talk about a time when forgiveness helped you in your friendships or family. Think about someone you could forgive, and pray for the strength to be able to forgive them.

Elder Timothy J. Dykes says, “As we repent and become converted to the Lord, we become whole, and our guilt is swept away. We may wonder, as did Enos, “How is it done?” The Lord answers: “Because of thy faith in Christ. … Wherefore, go to, thy faith hath made thee whole” (Enos 1:7, 8).”

Optional Activity: Read Wilt Thou Be Made Whole? From the October 2013 General Conference by Elder Timothy J Dykes and talk about Corrie Ten Boom’s experience.


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Joseph Forgives
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