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FOR KIDS: (June 6-12) Ruth, 1 Samuel 1-3; "Pour Out Your Spirit in Prayer"

We learn about some amazing, faithful women this week. Naomi was selfless and faithful. Her daughter-in-law Ruth was loyal and humble. Naomi must have been such a loving woman. Both of her daughters-in-law cried and didn’t want to leave her.

Ruth was determined to stay with her and eventually they went back to Bethlehem and together were blessed by the Lord.

Hannah was a righteous woman who wasn’t able to have kids yet. She was very sad about it and “poured out her soul” in prayer. She promised that if she could have children, the first born would serve the Lord as a priest his whole life.

The Lord answered her prayer and she had Samuel, who was a righteous servant of the Lord.

Sometimes we get casual or repetitive when we pray. How should we pray? How did Hannah pray? What do you think that looked like, or felt like?

Write (or draw pictures) in the pitcher all the thoughts and feelings you would want to tell Heavenly Father if he were sitting there with you.

Take a pitcher, or cup, and fill it with water. Then pour it out. What is left in the pitcher? Did it hold some of the water back? How can we use this idea to follow Hannah’s example of prayer, especially during hard times?

Optional Activity: Samuel was learning how to hear the Lord’s voice. When he was young he heard the voice of the Lord calling him three times and thought it was Eli. Eli recognized that it must be the Lord and told him to answer the Lord next time.

Can you imagine your parents’ voices? Can you imagine one of your favorite TV show character’s voice? Discuss how we can more easily recognize the voice of the spirit so that we know it when it whispers to us.


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Pour Out Your Spirit in Prayer
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