• Kori Haring

FOR KIDS: (June 13-19) 1 Samuel 8-10; 13; 15-18, "David and Goliath"

The Lord has repeatedly taught the Israelites that He will fight their battles. All throughout Judges He showed them that it was He who delivered them, not their own strength etc.

The Children of Israel were influenced by the people around them and wanted a king because other nations had kings. The Lord tried to warn them but honored their desires and helped the prophet to identify and sanctify a righteous king.

Saul was the first king and he was righteous for a while, then fell away and didn’t repent, so the Lord chose David.

David was a young boy, but he had strong faith. When the enemy called for someone to fight Goliath, who was a giant and dressed in armor, David didn’t fear because he knew the Lord was able to fight for him.

He slew Goliath armed with a stone and a sling. He had courage through his faith and the Lord helped him be successful.

Find the 7 differences in the pictures of David and Goliath.

Optional Activity: Talk about what we can learn from this lesson. What “Goliaths” are each of you facing that can at first seem impossible to conquer? How can you be like David?


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David and Goliath
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