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FOR KIDS: (July 25-31) Book of Esther, "Queen Esther"

Have your child color the picture of Esther while telling the story of Esther.

The King of Persia was looking for a new queen and of all the women, chose Esther, who was Jewish, though the king didn’t know it. She had been brought up by her cousin Mordecai after her parents died.

Mordecai overheard a plot to kill the king and prevented it. Then there was a man named Haman who was the chief officer in the king’s court. He was mad that Mordecai didn’t bow to him because he was a Jew. So Haman tricked the king into issuing an order that allowed all Jews to be killed on a certain day.

When Mordecai heard he sent a message to Esther and asked her to plead for the Jews.

In that Kingdom, no one was allowed to approach the king unless he was invited. If you went in to see him, and he didn’t want you to be there you were killed. So it was dangerous for Esther to go to the King on her own without being invited.

She asked Mordecai to have everyone fast together for her, and then said, “If I perish, I perish.” She then went in to the king, and he allowed her to speak to him. She was able to tell him what was going on and Haman was killed along with those that tried to harm the Jews.

Why did Esther ask the other Jews to fast with her? Why was Esther able to be so brave and say, “If I perish, I perish?”

Optional Activity: Mordecai was talking to Esther about speaking with the king, and he said, “Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

Have you ever had things happen where you felt like Heavenly Father put people in your life for a specific time and reason? Have you ever felt like you were put somewhere for a certain mission?

How have you seen the Lord’s hand in your everyday life?


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