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FOR KIDS: (July 4-10) 2 Kings 2-7, "Open His Eyes"

Tell the story about how soldiers were gathering around Elisha and his servant’s home. They weren’t the warriors that the Lord sent before. How would you feel if there were angry people gathering outside your home? Do you ever feel outnumbered?

The servant was nervous, but Elisha, a Seer, was calm and could see the help on the other side of the veil. Elisha prayed that the Lord would open his servant’s eyes and he saw that they were surrounded by angels on chariots.

Put the second paper behind the first and put it up to a window with light, or shine a flashlight behind it to show how the Lord opened the servant’s eyes to see the angels.

What can you learn from this? What does this mean for our tough battles and when we feel alone?

Optional Activity: We also learn about Naman this week. He was a gentile and a military leader. He had leprosy and one of his maidservants told him about Elisha and how he had the ability to heal.

Tell the story about how he went and was bothered that Elisha sent his servant and asked him to do a fairly simple thing to cure his illness. Naman was offended that Elisha didn’t come out himself and that it was so easy. He almost didn’t follow instructions, but his servant convinced him to try. He did what Elisha said and washed seven times in the River Jordan and was healed.

What are we asked to do that seem to simple or inconsequential that sometimes we don’t obey? What can we learn from this?

The number seven is a symbol for completion. What could the symbolism be for washing seven times?


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