• Kori Haring

FOR KIDS: (July 11-17) 2 Kings 17-25, "Josiah"

The Kings and the people in Israel were now worshiping idols and doing all sorts of wicked things. They even put idols in the temple and worshipped false gods inside the temple. One of the kings was named Josiah. He was made king at 8 years old. He had workers repair and restore the temple. The workers found a scroll with the scriptures inside them temple and read it to Josiah.

Josiah was converted and recognized how wicked his father and ancestors had been. He tore his clothes because he was so upset with what they had done.

In an effort to make things right, he tore down all of the idols, cut down all of the groves, destroyed all the places the people were doing wicked things, and even put to death those that were responsible for some of the idol worshipping.

In a dark color, color in all of the spaces with a bull (or false god) to remove or get rid of the idols. What is left?

How can we apply this to our lives? Is there anything that we should get rid of in our lives to make it easier to worship the Savior?

Optional Activity: Josiah was converted by finding the record of his ancestors and reading the scriptures. Talk about the importance of keeping records, especially of our spiritual experiences. Do you have any records or journals from your ancestors that have helped to build your faith? If you have a journal, find a passage from your journal that might be faith building to your family and share it.


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