• Kori Haring

FOR KIDS: (August 8-14) Psalms 1–2; 8; 19–33; 40; 46 "Psalms"

Psalms are a collection of bits of wisdom, prayers and worship. We don’t know for sure who wrote them but they were quoted several times by the Savior.

For the activity, decorate the page with the Psalm however you want and put it up somewhere to see throughout the week.

What does it mean to “Be still and know that (He is) God?” How have you done this in your life? How can knowing this help you in the future?

Pick out a few Psalms this week to discuss their meanings and maybe make another poster out of a few of your favorites.

How can these scriptures help you? Why are they included in our scriptures?

Optional Activity:

Individually, or as a family, write a psalm of your own expressing your gratitude and faith in the Lord. Make a poster. Memorize it. Share it.


Psalms (1)
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Psalms (2)
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