• Kori Haring

FOR KIDS: (April 4-10) Exodus 14-17, "Sustaining Our Prophet"

In Exodus 17, the children of Israel were attacked and had to battle with the people of Amalek. When Moses raised his hands the Children of Israel prevailed, and when he put his arms down they were losing. Moses had to keep his arms up for hours, which he couldn’t do on his own. Read Exodus 17:8-16 and read about how others helped him. Have your children help Moses by drawing his arms raised. Talk about the ways that you can sustain and support the prophet and our other leaders, and how they are just normal people who work really hard to serve the Lord and need our help.

Think about some of the messages you heard during General Conference and decide as a family a few specific ways you will sustain the prophet this year.

Optional Activity: When the Children of Israel were in the wilderness they needed food to eat. The Lord provided a daily miracle of manna. Manna was like a grain that would show up everyday that they had to collect and grind and make into bread. So often when we ask for blessings, we hope for specific help but the Lord blesses us with the resources we need to help ourselves and be self reliant. Talk about the opportunities and blessings in the form of resources you have received from the Lord.

Also, the Children of Israel were not allowed to gather more than they needed for the day, and had to go daily in order to survive. What things can we do daily to help our testimonies and faith grow and survive?


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Sustaining the Prophet
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