• Kori Haring

FOR KIDS: (April 25 - May 1) Exodus 24, 31-34, "Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy"

How we spend our time on the sabbath is a sign between us and the Lord. Many times we focus on not doing certain things on Sunday, like working or shopping, but using our time in a meaningful way shows the Lord we love Him.

Color the page and write or draw pictures inside the heart of activities you plan to do on Sundays to show Heavenly Father you love Him. Some examples may be reading the scriptures, writing in your journal, doing family history work etc.

Optional Activity: Watch “The Sabbath is for You,” or “Upon My Holy Day” and make a plan as a family to use the wonderful gift of the sabbath in a more intentional way.

Write out things you get to do, and then write what using your time that way shows the Lord, so the children can see the direct connection between what they are choosing to do and why.


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Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy
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