• Anna Brooksby

BLOG: (November 21-27) Jonah and Micah, "Trusting God in our Jonah Moments"

Sometimes the Lord calls us to places we don’t want to go. What do we do when His guidance leads us away from home and family, comfort and safety, into the unknown? How do we move forward with faith when we really want to stay where we are?

Jonah had to make some hard decisions. He was called, by God, to go somewhere he didn’t want to go. His story teaches us what happens when, instead of heeding the call we are given, we choose to run away.

Did running away negate God’s call to Jonah? Did God give up on Jonah because he didn’t hearken and obey? No. God knew where Jonah was, and He sought after him. God seeks after us, even when we struggle to obey.

Are we ever tempted to run away? Do we sometimes wish we could pick and choose the pieces we like out of the Lord’s plan for us, and somehow have the blessings without the challenges?

I learned a long time ago that the Lord’s way is always best, and that if His plan is different from mine, it’s also better. I can trust Him with my future, because He sees things I do not see.

When we have Jonah days - and we all do, at one time or another - let us remember that God may be asking us to do something hard, but He is not asking us to do it alone! He will be with us. He will provide a way for us to do what He is asking us to do. It may be too hard for us, but nothing is too hard for the Lord. Our job is to move forward with faith, and trust Him to take what we have and are and make it into enough. He did that for Jonah, and He will do it for us, too, if we will let Him.

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